Water storage levels

Our water levels drop faster than most other major Australian urban centres during hot, dry periods. View a snapshot of our current storage levels, understand our community's water use and learn how you can play your part to protect our precious resource.

Current water outages

Properties in the following suburbs may be experiencing low pressure or a water outage due to an unplanned network issue or scheduled maintenance.

Where does our water come from?

Our dams and sandbeds, and rivers throughout the Lower Hunter provide quality drinking water to our community. Learn more about where each of these water sources is located and find out some interesting facts about the sites.

Water restrictions

Smart Water Choices now apply, and are the Lower Hunter’s mandatory Permanent Water Conservation Measures.. Learn more about your responsibilities.

Water quality

Learn how we manage our water supply from catchment to tap, ensuring that safe and reliable, high-quality drinking water is delivered to our community in the Lower Hunter.

More information

Our drought response measures

We recognise that within our community water is an enabler of economic activity and growth as well as liveability. Learn more about the measure we use take to protect our water supply.

Our water treatment process

Water is essential for our region to function. Learn more about the steps we take in our water treatment processes and find out how we produce safe, high-quality drinking water.

Flushing our water mains

To maintain the quality of our drinking water we may need to release water at a high flow to clean the water mains after we attend to a fault or as part of our maintenance program and network testing. Learn more about this program.

How to save water

Water. It's our most valuable resource, and like all the things we love in life, we want to protect and treasure it. Learn how easy it is to save 4 buckets of water per day.