24 July 2020

Number one again - delivering exceptional service

Hunter Water has again taken top spot in a nationally recognised Customer Experience mystery shopping program. We ranked first out of 26 water authorities participating in the program, and fourth out of 185 organisations from a range of industry sectors, up one position from last year.

Launched in 2018, the mystery shopping program evaluates 30 aspects of our customer service and compares the results against other organisations. Since we began the program, we have moved from the middle of the pack to the top 5%.

“This is a fantastic achievement and I am very proud of our Contact Centre team. We care about what our customers think and we are listening to understand their needs. This recognition demonstrates that we are responding to the feedback and improving the service experience for our customers.”
Acting Customer Experience Manager, Carla McEntyre

Over the last 12 months, we’ve begun expanding the ways we track our customer experience. We launched weekly email surveys, to provide a deeper understanding of their experience than our after-call surveys. We also started tracking developer experience through a monthly survey. Both of these surveys look at ease of doing business with us, customer sentiment, as well as customer satisfaction.

Our Customer Experience team will continue to focus on treating every interaction with our customers as an opportunity to provide exceptional service and support, while they adapt to new ways of working during these uncertain times.

Supporting our customers during COVID-19

We're here to support our customers financially affected by these uncertain times.