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14 February 2019

Hunter region showing its love for water one year on

There are promising signs Hunter Water’s customers are contributing to a reduction in the amount of water being consumed across the region.

Early modelling indicates that our customers are using about four per cent less water than they otherwise would have been, when usage is adjusted to account for climate variations. This saving amounts to the average yearly water usage of 7,000 households and would enable around two years of residential growth in the Lower Hunter without building new supply capacity.

It comes as we mark one year since the Love Water conservation campaign was launched, which aims to encourage our community to value water by making simple changes at home such as taking shorter showers or waiting until you have a full load to wash clothes, to collectively make a big difference.

"As part of our effort to Love Water, we have been working to reduce losses from our water network. In a little over two years, we have reduced leakage by nearly 20 per cent through a range of initiatives including increasing our active leak detection work and using smart technology to detect hard-to-find leaks."
Jim Bentley, Managing Director

Minister for Energy and Utilities Don Harwin congratulated Hunter Water on its innovative and original campaign, which brings the community together through conservation.

"It’s great to see the positive impact Love Water has had on customers’ behaviour in a relatively short period of time. It’s a credit to both the community and Hunter Water for its efforts to value this critical resource."
Don Harwin, Minister for Energy and Utilities

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