11 December 2020

Grahamstown Dam Sailing Aquatic Club re-opens

An aerial shot of Grahamstown Dam

The Grahamstown Dam Sailing Aquatic Club has re-opened, having closed earlier in the year due to COVID-19. The club is the base of Sailability Port Stephens, which provides access to non-motorised sailing for people who experience a disability.

To enable the club’s continued operation, Hunter Water and Port Stephens Council have worked together to renew a long-standing licence agreement. The agreement allows limited recreational activity on the dam, while ensuring the ongoing protection of the region’s drinking water quality.

Access is provided to members of the Grahamstown Dam Sailing Aquatic Club for sailing (limited to non-motorised boats/craft) and radio-controlled sailing boats within a designated area of the dam.

Grahamstown Dam is the Lower Hunter’s largest drinking water supply dam and provides about 40 per cent of the water to the region. Given the importance of maintaining water quality to ensure public health, the agreement between Hunter Water and Council helps to preserve this significant water source.

As has previously been the case, public access for activities such as boating, fishing, swimming and camping are not permitted on the Dam. Permissible on-water activities are coordinated through the Aquatic Club.

Grahamstown Dam

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