Environmental Management

At Hunter Water we know that we are lucky enough to live and work in one of the most beautiful regions of Australia, with many unique environmental features. So to make sure we preserve this environment we make environment protection a fundamental priority when managing our services.

We are committed to integrating sustainability principles into the way in which we plan and operate our business, so that we can meet the needs of today's society, while preserving the quality of life for future generations.

We are integrating ecological, economic and social objectives into the management of operations and resources, and our Environmental Management System ensures all our activities are fully integrated, co-ordinated and reviewed.

Hunter Water's Environmental Management System is certified by an accredited provider to ISO 14001:2015. This internationally agreed standard recognises Hunter Water's determination to manage the environmental impact of our business by minimising our environmental footprint and increasing positive environmental outcomes.

To make sure this happens, and that our commitment is properly incorporated into our operations and management, we have some important policies, plans and specific programs:

Community & Environment Policy

We have a Community and Environment Policy that underpins our commitments and directions for the way Hunter Water interacts with its community and the environment.

Corporate Environmental Management Plan

The Corporate Environmental Management Plan  provides a framework for meeting Hunter Water's Community and Environment Policy commitments.

The plan sets out the objectives, actions and targets that have been identified to manage Hunter Water's environmental performance over the term of our Operating Licence.

The Corporate Environmental Management Plan was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and included an exhibition period to seek input from members of the community. Performance and delivery against the Environmental Management Plan actions and targets will be reported annually.

Environmental Performance Indicators

The environmental performance of Hunter Water's activities is tracked and reported using a predefined set of Environmental Performance Indicators (also called ESD Indicators). Development of the Environmental Performance Indicators included consultation with the community and key stakeholders. 

Performance and delivery against the indicators are reported annually to IPART. This annual compliance and performance report can be obtained from our publications page.