Servicing Strategies

Hunter Water operates an extensive network of pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs and treatment plants for providing water and wastewater services to the community.

To allow for growth and the integration of these systems, Hunter Water prepares regional water supply distribution and wastewater transportation strategies.

These strategies generally look from the broader regional perspective and identify major works required that form the backbone of the system.

Regional Servicing Strategies

Our regional strategies do not necessarily address servicing issues for specific development lands or pockets of unserviced lands that maybe of interest to developer/consultants.

In most cases, water and sewerage services can be provided by the extension of mains utilising existing assets such as pump stations and carrier mains.

Local Servicing Strategies

In situations where this is not possible, or not clearly evident, the developer/consultant is required to investigate the optimal servicing arrangement for that particular site.

These studies are called “local servicing strategies”. They need to address established criteria, follow a set procedure and be approved by Hunter Water.

Developer Initiated Servicing Strategies

Developer initiated servicing strategies generally arise under the following circumstances:

  • Land remote from existing water and/or sewer network and/or where the most suitable point of connection needs to be investigated further.
  • Large developments with high water demand and/or sewer loadings that require new and/or augmented transportation systems, pumping stations and storages.
  • Land elevated above the existing supply limits where new water booster stations and/or local high-level storages are necessary.
  • Land within sub-catchments that require a new wastewater pump station to transport flows into an adjoining sewerage system.
  • Unserviced fringe areas where alternative sewerage systems may be available (pressure lines, gravity mains etc).

Our Strategy Template

We have developed a strategy template to support the submission of local wastewater and water servicing strategies by developer/consultants. The strategy has been created to ensure that the developer/consultant presents the required information to Hunter Water in a consistent format and that all necessary and sufficient information to support the option selection decision has been provided.  

We require that all servicing strategies prepared following the issue of this letter are in accordance with this template. 

We anticipate that prior to commencing preparation of a servicing strategy, the developer/consultant will have obtained information on the connection points and capacity available for the proposed development. 

This information may be obtained by either a Notice of Requirements issued under Section 50 of the Hunter Water Act 1991, Preliminary Servicing advice or a feasibility analysis prepared by Hunter Water on behalf of the owner/applicant.