My Account step-by-step guide

Logging into My Account for the first time? Follow our quick step-by-step guide.

  1. Start the registration process for My Account here.
  2. To register using your email address, simply click ‘Register’ or sign up using your Facebook or Google account and follow the log in instructions.
  3. Once successfully entered, you will then be asked to enter your Hunter Water account number (located at the middle, left of your Hunter Water bill) and postcode of your postal address (top left of your Hunter Water bill). When entering your details, please make sure they match exactly what is printed on your bill. This will help us identify your account details and match them to our records.
  4. You will now be registered with My Account. Remember to write down your log in details, username (registered email address) and password, if you didn't sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Useful tips to locate your details

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Get organised by managing your Hunter Water account online. Managing your account has never been easier with My Account - you can do it anywhere, any time.