Payment plans and assistance

We understand that water is an essential service, which is why we have established support programs to help ensure that everyone has access to water.

We are aware everyone’s situation can change according to circumstances, which can lead to financial challenges, if you are a residential owner living in your property, a private tenant or a small business owner who pays for water usage then you may be eligible to access our support programs below to assist.

Are you financially impacted by COVID-19 or need more time to pay?

We recognise that this is a very challenging time for both people and businesses alike. For those experiencing financial difficulties, we can extend your account to give you more time to pay, there's interest free payment relief available and flexible payment options.

We're here to support you.

Are you a tenant impacted by COVID-19?

If you are a tenant impacted by COVID-19, it's important that you reach out and contact us so we can provide you with more information on our support options available for you. We're here to support you.

Our support options available to you

Payment difficulties and non-payment

Learn more about our policy for payment difficulties and actions we may take when you are unable to pay your bill.