Snapshot of findings from the community survey

Published 19 December 2019

Early in this project we asked residents and businesses that back onto this section of Munibung Creek to share with us what they like about the creek now, and how they would like to see it improved. We received 10 surveys from residents directly on the creek, which is a great result!

This survey follows on from the discussions and complaints we have received from the local community over the years, and supports the need to rehabilitate this section of the creek.

Here's a snapshot of what we heard:

  • The mature trees are valued by residents and neighbours.
  • Flooding impacts and erosion control are key concerns for residents who can be impacted during heavy rains.
  • Remove the weeds, rubbish and industrial waste that backs up in the creek and around large trees on the edge.
  • Establish native vegetation and some vegetation screening for residents.
  • The work needs to be completed in a manner that does not disturb the habitat of native species in the area. These include the Spotted Pardaolote, Blue Wrens, Eels, Perons Frogs and Marsh Frogs and Yeloow Tail Black Cockatoos.
  • Consider how this creek will be maintained in the future.

Thanks for your ideas and considerations. Your input will inform the development of the concept design and environmental assessment to be carried out in early 2020.

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