Reviewing the two options

Related to the Munibung Creek Rehabilitation project Published 28 May 2020

The design process is still underway with the team currently considering the two options following community feedback, along with the outcomes of environmental, technical and feasibility studies.

As discussed at the community drop-in session early this year, we are considering two options:

  • Moving the creek back into the Hunter Water alignment which would involve extensive reinforcement
  • Allowing the creek to meander in its current alignment and reinforcing the banks to stop any further erosion.

We understand community’s preferred option overall is to allow the creek to continue to meander as this would provide a better outcomes for flora and fauna and slow flows. This option does however mean that we would need to acquire property. Since this consultation, we have engaged consultants to collect additional data on the area including geotechnical surveys of the creek and surrounds and updated flood modelling.

We are now weighing up these two options against a range of criteria to ensure we can provide a good outcome for our community. We anticipate being in a position to provide an update to the residents and community on our way forward in the coming months. We will keep updated as the project continues to progress.

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