Annual Report 2022 flip book

Our Annual Report outlines Hunter Water’s activities, challenges and performance for 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. It includes information on how and why we operate, and provides an update on our progress towards our strategic goals.

Key highlights

A sustainable water future

The Lower Hunter Water Security Plan (LHWSP) charts a course to significantly improve water security in our region by both reducing drinking water consumption and increasing access to new water sources. Released in April 2022, it has been developed with the community and is a whole of government plan. Implementation of the LHWSP will result in a secure water supply for the Lower Hunter to 2060 and beyond. You can view the plan here.

Love Water

Our Love Water message continued to empower our community to make Smart Water Choices around their homes and in businesses. Together, local homes and businesses reduced water usage by 5.5%, despite the above-average rainfall and below-average temperatures.

The average daily water consumption of the Lower Hunter has fallen by 17% over the last four years. Our leakage reduction has also dropped to 64 litres per service connection per day. This is a continued improvement, with leakage reducing by almost 40% since 2016.

Sustainability Strategy

In March 2022, our Board approved our Sustainability Strategy, providing an ambitious blueprint to help build a more resilient and sustainable region for future generations. Insights from our customers and community helped form the development of the strategy, which outlines our objectives across a range of social, environmental, economic and governance outcomes and aligns with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our contact centre named #1

We received national recognition for our customer service throughout the year, with the Voice of Customer program being selected as a finalist for the Customer Experience Award by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). We also led the nation in customer experience and satisfaction as part of a nationally recognised program the CSBA Quality Assurance Program.

Customers and community make the switch

More than 50,000 of our customers are now enjoying the convenience of paperless eBilling, following its launch in November 2021. eBilling is part of our goal to deliver services our customers can access anytime. With one in five customers making the switch, together we are also helping save 1.6 tonnes of paper every year.

Past Annual Reports

We have achieved a considerable amount in the past and have learnt valuable lessons. We are growing with our community, for our community.