Tenants Moving House

As a residential tenant you are generally responsible for water usage charges and your landlord or managing agent may supply you with an invoice or advise of the amount and due date.

Most commercial tenants are responsible for paying the total water account (service and usage charges). However, this depends on the lease agreement with your property owner or managing agent.

We send all water accounts to the property owner or managing agent.

Check with your landlord or managing agent as to your responsibilities and obligations as you are not a direct customer of Hunter Water.

If You Are Moving Out

You don’t need to organise to have the water meter read or for it to be disconnected. Your landlord or managing agent should arrange for the water meter to be read so the amount owed by you can be calculated.

They can request Hunter Water to perform a special meter read. There is a Miscellaneous Service Fee charged for this service, or they may read the meter themselves.