Solicitors & Conveyancing

On-Line Channel

Hunter Water has introduced an on-line channel to provide key conveyancing services.  Section 47 Certificates and Service Location Plans can now be obtained through participating Land and Property Information (LPI) brokers. 

Participating LPI Brokers' Websites


SAI Global



 Hazlett Information Services

Fees and payment options for services can be obtained directly from the participating LPI broker.

The benefit of using this electronic channel is that almost all certificates and plans can be obtained within hours of the request being sent.

Applying Directly to Hunter Water

If you would like to apply directly to us, download the Property Information Enquiry Form and forward it to us for processing. View our Contact Us page for details.

Below are a list of Services and Fees associated with this application form.

S47 - Certificate Rates

  • Online Fee $14.95
  • Hunter Water Over the Counter $39.55

Service Location Plan

  • Online Fee $17.65
  • Hunter Water Over the Counter $28.50

Build over Sewer Advice (BOS)

  • BOS $85.15

    Note:  This is only required where a structure is built over a Hunter Water sewer main
  • Drainage Diagram  $25.65

Note:  Hunter Water does not maintain, collect or make available Drainage Diagrams in the ordinary course of administration and documents are held for historical archive purpose only. Click here for more information.

Special Meter Read     

  • During business hours (8am to 3pm) $28.30
  • After business hours (3pm to 8am) $114.00
Note:  Only required for special circumstances. Certificate will provide previous daily average