Your Bill Explained

As a Hunter Water customer, you will receive three bills each year, each one covering a period of four months. The two main items on your Hunter Water bill are service charges and usage charges.

How much do I pay for water and sewer?

Your bill is made up of a number of different water and sewer charges.  Learn more about your residential or non-residential customer fixed and usage charges.

My water use was more than normal?

There are many reasons for unexpected water use:

  • Seasonal - water use tends to increase over the warmer months, so remember to compare with the same time last year, rather than with your previous bill. Learn how to save water in your home or business.
  • Automatic watering systems can be the forgotten source of water in many homes. It's often a case of "out of sight, out of mind". Automatic systems are the most common reason for unexpected water use, especially if they are programmed to turn on overnight.
  • Hidden leaks can occur anywhere on your property, they waste substantial amounts of water and may be hidden from view.  Learn how to check for leaks.
  • Check Your Meter Reading - Your meter reading may have been read incorrectly. Check your meter reading. If it does not match with your most recent bill, please contact us.