Our Application Process

Hunter Water sets requirements for the installation of all new water and sewer services. It is important to us to make the application process for developer services as efficient and streamlined as possible for you.

The process below applies if your development includes:

  • subdividing land
  • building residential units
  • industrial or commercial premises

Our 5 Step Development Assessment Application Process

Step 1: Apply for a Development Assessment Application - Section 50 Certificate

The Developer may apply to Hunter Water to determine the requirements for the provision of water and sewer to a development within our area of operations.  You will need to submit a full set of plans and pay us a fee to investigate the specific requirements for your development.

Step 2: We Investigate Your Application

Each proposed development is a unique mix of development type and location and requires an investigation by us to determine:

  • the impact of the proposed development on existing water and sewer systems, and
  • whether works need to be built, (i.e. the developer may need new reticulation systems and lead-in mains) to provide connection to water and sewer mains.

Step 3: Receive a Notice of Requirements Letter

Your proposed development will be investigated by us and a 'Notice of Requirements' letter will be forwarded to you. This Notice will, in most cases, detail what you are required to do in order for the water and sewer facilities to be provided to your proposed development.

The requirements for your development may include:

  1. Payment of a recycled water developer charge (if applicable)
  2. Design and construct water and sewer infrastructure specified in the notice necessary to serve your development.  Depending on the size and extent of the development, this may include a requirement to prepare a water and/or sewer servicing strategy
  3. Transfer of the infrastructure to the Hunter Water.

You may be required to engage an Accredited Design Consultant and an Accredited Construction Contractor to assist with meeting our design and construction requirements. Read our new Delivery Model for Developer Works.

You may be required to prepare a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to assess the likely impacts an activity may have on the environment. Before commencing the preparation of a REF, consultation with Hunter Water should be carried out to discuss requirements.

It may also be necessary for a hydraulic building services design to be prepared by you and submitted to Hunter Water where the water meter may be greater than or equal to 32mm or a dedicated fire service is involved. Find out about our hydraulic plans assessment process.

A trade waste application may also be required if discharging industrial by-products i.e. grease oils etc into the corporation's sewer mains. Find out more about trade waste

Step 4: We Issue a Section 50 Certificate

Once you have met all our requirements we will issue you with a:

  • Certificate under Section 50 of the Hunter Water Corporation Act 1991, or
  • Letter confirming that you have met Hunter Water’s requirements.

Step 5: Arrangements for Connection

You can then arrange the connection to the water and/or sewer systems at a Hunter Water Customer Centre. Water and/or sewer connection fees are also paid at a Customer Centre.

It is important to note that if you are subdividing land, the subdivision will need to be registered with the Land and Property Information Office before the new lots can be connected to Hunter Water's water and sewer systems.