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Support for our customers

We're here to support our customers financially affected by these uncertain times.

Keep the pipes free!

Only flush the 3 p's, toilet paper, poo or pee! Wiping with anything else? BAG it and BIN it!

Current heavy rainfall and water restrictions

While we expect a moderate rise in our water storage levels after receiving widespread rainfall across our catchment areas, Level 1 water restrictions will remain in place.

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New prices commenced 1 July

Our customers will benefit from lower bills over the next four years and increased investment in the region’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

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Water Storage Levels

Water Storage Levels

Total Storage


Level 1 water restrictions now apply

Water restrictions apply to everyone in the Lower Hunter.

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Did you know?

Our treatment plants include robust processes to ensure that treated drinking water is of a very high quality and complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Respect the throne

Our pipes are having issues with your wipes, paper towels and tissues. Help keep the pipes free. Only flush toilet paper, poo or pee! Wiping ANYTHING else?

Bag it in the bin.

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