Munibung Creek rehabilitation

We're rehabilitating the section of Munibung Creek between Pendlebury Road and 75 Lachlan Road to stabilise the creek bank and improve the environment. The rehabilitation will be a naturalised design, which was the approach unanimously supported by the community during consultation.

Artist impression of rehabilitation work
Artist impression of rehabilitation work

About Munibung Creek

Hunter Water own a natural open section of Munibung Creek between Pendlebury Road through to Gorleston Terrace in Cardiff. It runs behind an industrial zone on Pendlebury Road and behind houses on Lachlan Road.

This section of the creek is degraded, and has eroding banks, high volumes of waste and rubbish within it, and an extensive weed population.

Project objectives

We’re focusing on stabilising the sections of the creek that will reap the greatest benefits as soon as possible.

Rehabilitating the southern section of Munibung Creek will:

  • prevent further erosion
  • improve the natural environment
  • reduce build-up of rubbish and weeds
  • protect adjoining properties.

Project timeline

  1. Community consultation: 2019 - 2020
  2. Design process: 2020 – 2022
  3. Site investigation and approval process: 2022 – 2024
  4. Southern section rehabilitation work starts: mid-late 2024
  5. Southern section rehabilitation work to be finished: late 2025, depending on the weather

Frequently asked questions

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