Branxton Irrigation Water Scheme


Branxton WWTW

Hunter Water has commenced supply of recycled water from their Branxton Wastewater Teatment Works (WWTW) via a 10km purpose-built pipeline to The Vintage Golf Course for irrigation purposes.

The recycled water pipeline is part of the $48 million wastewater treatment works upgrade and recycled water scheme that will deliver an alternative water supply for irrigation in the area.

Each year, the scheme will deliver up to 300 million litres of recycled water from the newly upgraded Branxton WWTW to The Vintage Golf Club for use on their greens and fairways.

The scheme will also deliver a number of environmental benefits by reducing the amount of water extracted from local waterways for irrigation, as well as the volume of treated wastewater discharged into nearby waterways from the Branxton plant.

The timely progress of this project is a demonstration of Hunter Water's commitment to providing a safe, reliable water service for our customers, while reducing extraction from local waterways for irrigation purposes. The project will save up to 410 million litres of water each year.

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Wine Country Drive, Branxton and North Rothbury
1300 657 657

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