Shaping our water future - 2025-2030 Price Proposal

2025-2030 Price Proposal - Stage 2


We would like your help to shape our water and wastewater services to the end of the decade, so that we can make sure our services meet your needs and deliver community value.

Find out what we learned from you in our Stage 1 Engagement Summary.

What to expect

Our engagement will be carried out in phases so customers will see and hear from us at different times throughout the development of the submission.

We will provide you with multiple opportunities to have your say. At the end of each phase, we will post summaries of what we heard on this web page. At the start of the next phase we’ll tell you how we’re using the findings from the previous phase.

During stage 2, we conducted a range of community engagement activities including surveys and a series of focus groups. Results from these activities will be available soon.

Stages of engagement

Who's listening?

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