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19 December 2019

Community Water Officers monitoring the region this summer

We are experiencing a severe drought, with our water storage now at their lowest levels in almost 40 years. With hot and dry conditions forecast to continue over summer, we are preparing to enter Level 2 water restrictions on 20 January.

Hunter Water’s team of Community Water Officers will have an increased presence across the region this summer, helping to educate residents and businesses ahead of the commencement of Level 2 water restrictions.

Over the past three months, the officers have been monitoring the Lower Hunter to ensure people are aware of the restrictions and what they mean, as well as to ensure compliance.

So far the team has investigated 716 suspected breaches, processed 1,195 exemptions and 456 pool permits, and issued one warning.

"Our team of Community Water Officers will maintain a visible presence in the region to help spread the importance of the restrictions and conservation in reducing demand on our drinking water supplies. We know that most people are doing the right thing and we encourage everyone to keep up the great work."
Victor Prasad, Executive Manager, Customer Strategy and Retail

Manager of Monitoring and Enforcement, Rodney Cade, said Hunter Water’s focus is on education and awareness, however fines can be issued if people choose not to comply. “When a breach is reported to our team, we’re out there in the first instance talking to people to make sure they’re aware of the water restrictions and what it means for their water use.

“We’ve found the majority of people we speak with to be very receptive to these conversations, and in many instances, they acknowledge and accept why we have water restrictions in place. Hunter Water hasn’t issued any fines at this stage, but we can if necessary.

“Our team will continue monitoring the region seven days a week over summer. If you see one of our friendly water officers in your neighbourhood, feel free to say hello and ask us any questions you may have."
Rodney Cade, Manager of Monitoring and Enforcement

Did you know

Our community has reduced their usage by 17 per cent compared to what we expected in these weather conditions.