Current Water Outages

Properties in the following suburbs may be experiencing low pressure or a water outage due to an unplanned network issue or scheduled maintenance.





WARATAHUnplanned Outage557855 – Repairs to the watermain at Edith Street will continue over the next few days. This is due to the complexity of the repair including the need to safely relocate a gas pipeline to enable repairs to be made. Some customers in nearby and surrounding suburbs may experience low pressure, discoloured water and short intermittent periods of no water during peak periods. If you experience discoloured water, please run your taps until the water is clear. Please call Hunter Water on 1300 657 000 if you experience any further issues.

Types of Water Outages

Hunter Water endeavours to provide continuous water supply to its customers, however on occasions we are required to interrupt the water network for maintenance, new developments or emergency repair.
There are two types of outages:  

Planned Outages

These are to accommodate maintenance and new developments.  We provide a letter box drop notice for domestic customers at least two days from the outage and commercial customers at least seven days from the outage

Unplanned Outages

These are unforeseen circumstances where a watermain breaks or there is another issue with the system that leads to a water outage. We place a notification on our website (this page) at the time the event occurs, and aim to give an estimated repair time.

Options for Businesses to Prepare for an Outage

If you manage a business from your property and require a continuous water supply, it is recommended that you consider some of the following options:

  • Maintain a supply of stored tap water on your premises
  • Maintain a supply of bottled water on your premises
  • Install a water storage tank
  • Hire a portable toilet for the outage period
  • Contact a water cartage business to maintain supply
  • Having the name and contact details for a cartage business on hand is recommended
  • Please note that if required for drinking purposes, the water cartage firm must now meet requirements under the Public Health Act. Click here for more information.

For further information relating to the terms under which Hunter Water provide water supply please refer to our Customer Contract.