Current Water Outages

Properties in the following suburbs may be experiencing low pressure or a water outage due to an unplanned network issue or scheduled maintenance.





Murrays Beach09:30amUnplanned Outage590444 - We are currently experiencing a water outage in PART OF NIGHTSHADE CRES with an estimated restoral time of 10:30am..
Newcastle09:20amPlanned Outage600200 - We are currently experiencing a water outage in HONEYSUCKLE DR with an estimated restoral time of 02.30pm.

Can't see a leak reported in your area?

Call us immediately on 1300 657 000 if you see a moderate or major water leak, you have no water or see anything causing harm or property damage.


Types of Water Outages

We aim to provide continuous water supply to our customers, however on occasions we are required to interrupt the water network for maintenance, new developments or emergency repair. There are two types of outages:  

Planned Outages

These are to accommodate maintenance and new developments.  We provide a letter box drop notice for domestic customers at least two days from the outage and commercial customers at least seven days from the outage.

Unplanned Outages

These are unforeseen circumstances where a watermain break or other issue with the system lead to a water outage. We place a notification on our website (this page) at the time the event occurs and provide an estimated repair time.

Important Information

Before a planned outage

You may wish to store sufficient water in bottles for drinking and water in buckets for flushing toilets.  You may also like to speak to your plumber about options to meet your needs.

During a Water Outage

Hot water systems should not be operated during water outages and should be turned off to avoid possible damage.

After a Water Outage

Hot water – On resumption of the water supply, before turning the hot water system back on, a hot water tap should be turned on to flush out any air pockets from the pipes.  When a consistent flow has returned, the hot water system can be turned back on and normal use resumed.

Discoloured water – We advise that you visually check the water prior to use. If it appears to be discoloured we suggest you turn on a tap and let it run for a couple of minutes to clear your pipe work.  If the water won’t clear, please contact us on 1300 657 000

Options for Businesses to Prepare for an Outage

If you manage a business from your property and require a continuous water supply, it is recommended that you consider some of the following options:

  • Maintain a supply of stored tap water on your premises
  • Maintain a supply of bottled water on your premises
  • Install a water storage tank
  • Hire a portable toilet for the outage period
  • Contact a water cartage business to maintain supply
  • Having the name and contact details for a cartage business on hand is recommended
  • Please note that if required for drinking purposes, the water cartage firm must now meet requirements under the Public Health Act. 

For further information relating to the terms under which Hunter Water provide water supply please refer to our Customer Contract.