Wastewater overflow into Black Neds Bay

Water quality in Black Neds Bay has now returned to normal.

This information is for residents and owners of land near Black Neds Bay in the Swansea area, and relates to our wastewater system.

An overflow of wastewater has occurred into Black Neds Bay near the corner of Bowman Street and the Pacific Highway. All of Black Neds Bay is potentially affected due to tidal movement.

The overflow has now ceased, however at this time the Bay may be discoloured and odorous.

We advise residents to avoid contact with the water, including swimming, water activities and fishing as a precaution for your safety.

Signage has been placed in areas where the public may access the creek. Signage will remain in place until testing indicates that water quality has returned to normal.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any immediate questions or concerns please contact our Emergency Fault Line or during business hours call our team.