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Current water storage levels

Our water levels drop faster than most other major Australian urban centres during hot, dry periods because we have shallow water storages and high evaporation rates.

We recognise that water is crucial to economic activity and community life and we are providing support to our business customers during restrictions.

Under Level 1 water restrictions, the restrictions for businesses are the same as those that apply to homes, however for our business customers there are additional expectations.

Major water users (i.e. those who use over 10 million litres (ML) as classified in the table below) will be the first business customers to develop and utilise a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP). This will identify water savings within those businesses and identify where water is crucial to their operations.

If you are a business who uses less than 10 million litres (ML) of water a year (see the table below), you are required to comply with the general Level 1 water restrictions that apply to residential use.

The table below shows the responsibilities for the different level of water users.

Business customers Level 1 water restrictions requirement What do I need to do?
Major customers who use more than 50 million litres (ML) per year. For example: manufacturing and mining You will be required to implement a WEMP when Level 1 water restrictions commence Major customers will continue to work with us to progress WEMP
Large customers who use more than 10 million litres (ML) per year. For example: aged care facilities, shopping centres, food production You will be required to implement a WEMP if Level 2 water restrictions commence We will meet with you to to help you develop a WEMP
Business customers who use less than 10 million litres (ML) per year. For example: nurseries, landscapers, market gardeners, commercial growers, offices, cafes You will be required to submit a WEMP during Level 2 water restrictions Identify how you can save water in your business using our fact sheets below

Exemptions for business

While the majority of customers should be able to accommodate Level 1 water restrictions, we recognise that some businesses rely on outdoor water use for continuity of operations.

Water use for critical business activities may be exempt from restrictions.

Saving water in business fact sheets

Businesses who reduce water usage find they do not only save money on usage charges, but also on wastewater and energy costs.

The following fact sheets will give you valuable water-saving tips across your business.

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