Glossary of terms

There are a few terms we use when we talk about water, so here are the explanations:

  • Demand – How we use water
  • Desalination – removing salt content from sea water so that it is suitable for drinking
  • Ground water – Water under the ground that can be extracted and treated for drinking water
  • Non-potable water – Water only used for things other than drinking, such as irrigation and industrial use
  • Potable water – Drinking water. We have multiple measures in place to ensure potable water complies with strict requirements for water quality.
  • Source – Where we get water from
  • Surface water – Water in dams and rivers
  • Water system – The different ways to get water
  • Water treatment plant - also known as water filtration plants, our water treatment plants process the water from our source water to ensure it meets the required drinking level guidelines.
  • Yield - The amount of water we can reliably provide to our customers from our source water system.