Farley landowner notifications

Hunter Water has recently completed a $73 million upgrade of the Farley Wastewater Treatment Works. The upgrade ensures the plant caters for future population growth in the area, and improves the reliability and performance of the facility. On average, the Farley plant treats 7.2 million litres of wastewater each day. Treated effluent is either further treated and provided to recycled water customers at Gillieston Heights, or is released to Fishery Creek.

To improve transparency, we are offering to notify our neighbours in the event of prolonged heavy rain, or an operational issue which causes the Farley plant to release partially-treated effluent to Fishery Creek.

We will email you every two years to confirm you still own your property and that you wish to remain on the notifications list.

This notification process is per EPA EPL License 733, new clause R4.2.

View the map of affected areas

Owners of land which neighbours the Farley treatment plant, or land that is located on Fishery Creek downstream of the release point for the plant (and which may be impacted by flood water inundation during heavy rain events) are invited to register their contact details with us below.

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