What happens if I don't pay?

We provide 21 days to pay your Hunter Water bill. In the instance that payments aren’t made on time and if you haven’t contacted us for assistance, then we will take actions to recover any overdue amounts.

If you are needing assistance and not in a position to pay in full, learn more about our Payment Assistance.

Our debt recovery process

  1. You will be issued a Final Notice stating the account is unpaid after 21 days.
  2. We may commence actions to restrict the water supply. If a restriction is completed, you will be required to pay the overdue amount to restore the property, which will include a re-connection fee.
  3. We may refer your account to a collection agency to recover the outstanding amount.
  4. We may commence legal action to recover the outstanding amount.

Are you a residential customer who can not pay?

To avoid our recovery actions, please contact us if you are a residential customer finding it hard to pay your water bill so that we can discuss your options.

Support services

We understand that finding the money to pay your water bills can be difficult at times. There are many support services in our region that can assist you.

Are you a tenant?

If you are a tenant and your landlord has missed an account payment, we may allow a short extension of time so you can contact the property owner or managing agent. Contact us to discuss this option.

We will not commence any recovery action during this agreed period. We also allow tenants, in certain circumstances, to pay Hunter Water the amount due on the property and then deduct that amount from rent payable to the property owner.

If no suitable arrangements are made to pay the amount owed, we may restrict or disconnect services and begin debt recovery action. In such cases we will notify the property owner and ensure notice is given at the property address of the actions to be taken.

How can I pay?

We have several payment options available to you to pay your bill.

Concerns or issues?

Tell us about your concerns by calling us (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) and speak with one of our customer service staff who will work with you to understand your concerns, or simply email us.