Stormwater Drainage Charge refund

During a recent review of our billing data, we learned that between 2006 and 2019 we had been incorrectly applying the Stormwater Drainage Charge to some properties in our network.

The amount overcharged to each property varies, with the largest single amount to any one property totalling just above $900. We are currently notifying the properties owners impacted.

What is the Stormwater Drainage Charge?

We charge some customers a stormwater drainage charge where we are responsible for providing stormwater drainage services. This charge allows us to build and maintain infrastructure for the management of stormwater.

Are you a current property owner?

If you have received a letter referencing that a property you own was incorrectly charged the Stormwater Drainage Charge we have already applied a credit to the property account equalling the amount overcharged.

What if I am the previous owner of a property?

If you are the previous owner of a property incorrectly charged the Stormwater Drainage Charge we may not have your current contact details.

If you owned a property between 2006 and 2019 in one of the following suburbs you may be entitled to a refund.

Complete our online form if you would like to know if you have been incorrectly charged the Stormwater Drainage Charge on a property you have previously owned.

Thirsty for more advice?

If you feel that your refund may not have been calculated correctly or want further information, let us know.