Biosolids management

All options were on the table when we starting looking into how we can improve the way we manage biosolids.

Biosolids is a by-product of our wastewater treatment process. Biosolids contain Nitrogen, Phosphorous and organic Carbon. Of the 6,000 tonnes of biosolids we produce each year, about 70% is used as a soil conditioner for agricultural pasture improvement, and 30% for mine site rehabilitation.

By using different technologies we could generate renewable energy from biosolids to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, before using the final biosolids product as a soil conditioner. We are investigating a range of options to help us get more benefits from reusing biosolids.

biosolids rehabilitation site
In the future, we could be using biosolids to generate renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are interested in finding out more about our plans for managing biosolids in the future, please leave your name and email address here and we will send you project updates.