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Drought support for farmers

We have delivered more than six million litres of water to drought affected communities throughout the Upper Hunter and surrounding areas.

We are continuing to support farming communities affected by the New South Wales drought by coordinating with local councils to deliver water for drinking and washing purposes. As we share our precious resource we continue to receive gratitude from the communities most affected.

“It means a lot. We live on a farm and our rainwater tank had run out. We are currently pumping water from the river but it is muddy so we are buying water for drinking and cooking. Clean water in our house tank is very much appreciated”
Our thankful Blandford family

Assistance for farmers

If you are a farmer in the Hunter Region who is experiencing a shortfall in your domestic water supply (i.e. rainwater tanks), we invite you to contact our Drought Support team with your details and we will touch base with you directly.

Assistance for customers

If you are a customer that is struggling financially due to drought conditions, call our Account Assistance Team on 02 4979 9835 for a confidential conversation where we can tailor an affordable plan to manage your account and discuss financial assistance. We're also able to link you to other support services if needed. You are welcome to email us with your query as well.