Your Water Meter

Your water meter, usually located on the front boundary of your property, is used by Hunter Water to calculate your water usage. You are charged for the quantity of water measured by your water meter.

Maintenance Responsibilities

The property owner is responsible for maintaining all of the pipes and fittings between our water system and the buildings and/or taps on their property. If you notify us of a fault with your water service, we will as a service to you, repair your water system between our water main and the water meter.

Hunter Water will:

  • maintain, repair and renew pipe work when installed with approved materials
  • repair main taps
  • repair meter isolation valves on the inlet side of the meter Please be aware that if the water meter is located more than one metre along the pipe inside your property, Hunter Water will provide this service up to one metre inside your property boundary.

We will not attend to repair:

  • faults resulting from wilful or negligent damage
  • faults associated with illegal services and water services that are installed contrary to our requirements
    Water services connected to privately owned water mains
  • fire services
  • backflow prevention devices on non-residential properties

In these instances you will need to contact a licensed plumber to carry out the appropriate work.

If you have a concern with your water service and are unsure about the maintenance responsibilities please contact us.

Water Service Responsibilities

Types of Meters

Hunter Water residential customers are supplied with two types of meters: