Health & Special Needs

At Hunter Water, we understand that some customers have medical needs that mean they need to use large amounts of water at home, especially those using haemodialysis machines.

To help our home haemodialysis customers manage the financial burden, we provide a free water allowance of up to 250 kilotlires (kL) per annum which is approximately up to 83kL per account.  If you would like more information contact us.

Other Considerations for Haemodialysis Customers

Interruptions to Your Water Supply

We will let you know in advance of any planned water supply interruption in the same way that we communicate to all of our customers.

If an unplanned water supply interruption occurs (such as a water main break) notice may not be given. If this happens, please follow the training provided by your dialysis centre.

Water Quality

We will inform your local dialysis centre and NSW Health of any significant changes to water quality that might impact on your treatment. Your dialysis centre will advise you about how to manage this change.