Payment Assistance

We understand that water is an essential service, which is why we have established support programs to help ensure that everyone has access to water.

We are aware everyone's situation can change according to circumstances, which can lead to financial challenges. If you are a residential owner living in your property, a private tenant or small business owner who pays for water usage then you may be eligible to access our support programs below to assist.

Are you financially impacted by COVID-19 or need more time to pay?

You can request a payment extension past your bill's due date. If you have been financially impacted by COVID-19 we can offer to place a hold on your account. We will respond to your request and confirm the extension time and the options available to you.

To request an extension select the situation that best describes your current situation:

The Payment Options We Offer

Set Up Direct Debit

Assisting residential customers avoid bill shock and having to pay lump sum payments to your bills by setting up smaller, more regular payments towards future bills.

Centrepay Option

Set and forget payments to be deducted from your Centrelink payment directly to your Hunter Water account on a fortnightly basis. How to set up deduction with Department of Human Services

You will need Hunter Water's CRN - 555052571V and your account number.

Pay by credit card

Make a payment via credit card

Account Assistance Program

Water is an essential service, and our support programs help ensure that everyone has access to water. This video explains how we can help members of our community who may be experiencing financial difficulties.

If you are a resident customer finding it hard to pay your water bill, Hunter Water can help by providing advice and assistance for paying your water bill.

The Account Assistant program is open to home owners concerned about how they will pay water bills for their current residence.

There are several options available:

Contact us, email us or read our Account Assistance Procedure to find out more about the options available to you.

For more information, read our debt recovery and hardship policy here.

Serious Financial Hardship?

If you are experiencing serious financial hardship, contact us or email us. We can offer direct assistance to customers experiencing financial difficulties such as a payment plan to help you pay your bill in instalments.