Business Pricing & Charges

Larger commercial customers who use substantial amounts of water may receive their account on a monthly basis. Water and sewer charges for business customers consist of a fixed service charge and a usage charge. View our fixed sewer service charge and usage charges here.

IPART released its Determination on the maximum prices that Hunter Water can charge customers for water, sewerage and stormwater drainage in 2016. Find out what this means to your business.

As part of this determination the following non-residential charges commenced on 1 July 2019.

Water charges for non-residential customers are made up of:

Fixed Water Service Charge

A fixed water service charge for operating the water system which is calculated based on the size of each billable water meter connected to the property.

Water Service Charge per Meter Size

Service Charge (per annum)

20mm* $100.40
20mm** $100.40
25mm $156.89
32mm $257.04
40mm $401.63
50mm $627.54
65mm $1060.48
80mm $1,606.48
100mm $2,510.14
150mm $5,647.83
200mm $10,048.68
250mm $15,687.50
300mm $22,590.00
350mm $30,747.50

* The related water service charge applies where the non-residential property has a single billable metered connection of 20mm.

** The related water service charge applies where the non-residential property has multiple billable metered connections and one of them is a 20mm size.

Water Usage Charge

A water usage charge is applied to the volume of water used by an individual customer. Usage charges are calculated by a tier one charge (where <50,000 kilolitres total consumption during the year) followed by a zone based charge (for any consumption over 50,000 kilolitres during the year.

Zone Based Charges

For zone based charges the usage price varies according to where each property is located within Hunter Water's area of operations.

Water Usage Charge

Usage Charge (per kL of water used)

Tier One ≤50,000kl $2.37
Unfiltered Water  $2.17
Dungog Shire >50,000kL $1.91
Kurri Kurri >50,000kl  $2.35
Lookout >50,000kl  $2.22
Newcastle >50,000kl  $2.16
Seaham - Hexham >50,000kl $1.96
South Wallsend >50,000kl  $2.26
Tomago - Kooragang >50,000kl  $1.91
All other locations $2.37

For a complete list of current prices see our Customer Charges Guide.  

Depending on the location of your property you may be also charged: