Recovery Action

It is important that you are aware of the actions that we may take to recover outstanding accounts. We may restrict or disconnect the supply to your property and/or take legal action if you do not:

  • respond to reminder notices
  • pay your outstanding debt
  • comply with agreed arrangements.

Below is an outline of steps that we will take to recover outstanding debts.

Step 1:

If you don’t pay your account by the due date, we will send you a reminder notice and/or a Notice of Recovery Action, advising that your account is overdue.

Step 2:

If you fail to pay or make arrangements to pay within the required seven days, you will receive a final notice, advising that if the account remains unpaid, the water supply may be restricted or disconnected without further notice.

Step 3:

If the water supply to your property is restricted or disconnected, we will make every effort to notify the occupants at the time or, if no-one is home, we will leave a notice in the letterbox.

Before the service is restored, you will be required to pay the overdue amount or make an agreed payment arrangement. You will also be required to pay a reconnection fee.