Case Study - Eleebana Water Pump Station

Eleebana Water Pump Station (WPS) was fitted with Variable Speed Drives in May 2007 to manage pressure issues that arise when its reservoir is taken out of service. In 2009 the Energy Efficiency Team developed a control scheme that would ensure that the pumps were run at whichever speed produced the lowest specific energy result for the prevailing conditions. In July 2009 the scheme was commissioned and as a result energy use at the station has gone from 13,000kWh to 6,500kWh.

The control scheme developed for Eleebana WPS was developed as a result of focusing on specific energy at the station. Specific energy here refers to the measure of energy used to pump one megalitre of water into the Eleebana water Reservoir.

Eleebana WPS Monthly Power Consumption Graph

Electricity consumption at Eleebana WPS showing result of control scheme changes.