Stage 3 Education Program

Clean drinking water sustains life and this was never as evident in our area as in the 1800's when the Europeans began to settle the area now known as Newcastle.

Prior to the Walka Water Scheme providing drinking water to homes in 1885, people living in the area were dying of diseases like typhoid at a rapid rate. Once clean drinking water became available, the population and health of the communities of the Hunter Region boomed, as did the growth of industry.

Hunter Water's Stage 3 education program offers students in Years 5 & 6 the opportunity to learn about how Hunter Water has influenced the colonisation of Newcastle and the Lower Hunter region by providing water and sewer services to the area. 

Last year marked Hunter Water's 125th anniversary, 18 July 2017 from when the Act was first introduced. As part of the celebrations there was an exhibition at the Newcastle Regional Museum. The exhibition proved popular with the community with more than 20,000 visitors and so a modified version of the exhibit will be on display at the Morpeth Museum from 1 February to 6 April and then at SEEN Swansea exhibition space from 6 April to 3 June 2018. For more information visit Our History and Heritage page on the Hunter Water website. 

Teachers and students can download resources via the Teacher Resources links below. 

Please contact Hunter Water's Education Coordinator if you have any questions about the Stage 3 Education Program or upcoming history exhibits.

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