Installing a rainwater tank

When setting up a rainwater tank, there are a number of points to consider in order to make it cost efficient and meet regulations.

Contact your local council

Touching base with your local council should be your first point of action so that you can check your plans are up to code. You may also need to lodge a Development Application and have your rainwater tank inspected by the Department of Fair Trading (learn more here).

Who can install a rainwater tank?

Have the tank installed by a licensed plumber or the tank manufacturer. This will ensure the system operates efficiently and is easy to maintain. By law, a licensed plumber is required wherever a tank is connected to the mains water supply, such as a tank to toilet system. A plumber is also required to connect your gutters to your tank and install an overflow to the storm water system.

  • Plumbers can also advise on the best location to maximise catchment.
  • If your tank is going to be large, consult a builder or engineer as it may require structural support.