Love Water

Water is precious, it belongs to all of us!

Here in the Hunter we have been good at water conservation, but recently our water usage has been increasing. We each use on average 191 litres per day, this is more than two buckets per day above the national average*.

Water is precious

We can all work together to protect our drinking water by playing our part with how we use it. This will help guide decisions about our water future.

  • Try our water usage calculator to help estimate how much water you are using in and around your home. The answer may surprise you!
  • Looking for some tips on how you can show your love of water? Find some suggestions on how to best use water in the homegarden or your business.
  • Our employees put together a short video about why they love water. To view, click the picture below.

 Employee Love Water Video







* Nine Major Australian Water Utilities (50,000+ customers) have consistently reported residential consumption less than or equal to this. This includes the Central Coast Council (based on averages from Gosford and Wyong), Queensland Urban Utilities, Logan City Council and various Victorian utilities.