Garage & Driveways

Washing your car and cleaning your driveway are activities that traditionally use a lot of water. Here are some ways to reduce water consumption and save money while still having a clean driveway and car.


Use a broom, brush, blower or rake to sweep and clean outdoor paths and paving instead of hosing them down with water. If you must use water, fill a bucket and use only what’s needed.

Water Wise Rules will apply from 1 July 2014. Under Water Wise Rules there is no hosing of paths driveways, concrete and other paved areas is allowed except when cleaning with water is necessary for reasons of safety, health, emergency, construction activity or surface discolouration.

Tips For Washing Cars

  • Use a waterless car wash - there are now a number of these products available.
  • Wash cars, boats and other vehicles on the lawn (if practical) with a bucket not a running hose. Use a trigger nozzle to rinse off.
  • Use a commercial car wash that recycles its wash water.

Water Wise Rules will apply from 1 July 2014. Under Water Wise Rules all road vehicles (including cars, trucks, caravans and cars in car yards) and boats and their trailers may be washed with a bucket or a hose provided a trigger nozzle or pressure cleaner is used.