Standpipes are portable hydrants designed to be connected to a fire hydrant in a water main to gain access to bulk water.

All standpipes used in our area of operations must be metered and hired from us. There are currently three sizes of metered standpipes:

  • 20mm 
  • 32mm high flow
  • 50mm

To Obtain a Licence to Use a Standpipe

Step 1

Download the application form. Read our standpipe hire terms and conditions before completing the application form. A credit check will be performed as part of the approval process to hire a metered standpipe.

Step 2

Submit the completed application and send to:

Standpipe Coordinator
Hunter Water Corporation
PO Box 5171
HRMC 2310

Payment of Standpipe Application Fee is required to be paid when lodging your application.

If you have a water carrying vehicle, the Water Storage Tank Inspection Fee is also required at the time of application. 

Step 3 - What happens after the application is approved?

Once the application has been approved you will be contacted and requested to pay a Standpipe Hire Security Bond. This must be paid prior to the standpipe being issued.  Once this has been paid the standpipe can be issued. A letter will be sent to you providing details were to collect the standpipe.

Note: Identification will be required when you collect the standpipe (a driver's licence is preferable).

If you would like more information contact us.