Connections & Disconnections

How to Connect to Our Water or Sewer Services

If you're building a new house or residential dwelling and need to connect to our water and sewer services you will need to have your plans stamped either clear of the sewer main and/or building over the sewer main by Hunter Water before you take them to Council.

Step 1

If the property does not have a prelaid water service, the property owner will need to decide whether your accredited driller or Hunter Water will be doing the water main drilling.

Step 2

Either you or your customer can make an Application for Services Connection and pay the appropriate fees or charges. Bring a copy of the plan which has been stamped by Council to any of our Customer Centres.

To complete the application, you will need to bring along the following information which your plumber can provide:

  • The size of your private water service (standard residential size is 20mm).
  • The size of the drilling to the water main.
  • If you are doing the drilling for your customer, the date and approximate time it will be done.
  • The plumbing licence number, name and phone number.
  • The date when the water meter frame will be ready for our meter contractors to install the meter.

Step 3

Connecting the water and sewer services.


  • Connect the water supply first.
  • Confirm the meter frame ready date.
  • If we are booked to undertake the drilling, confirm the drilling day and time with your customer. If the drilling hasn't been booked, you or your customer can contact us to arrange.

Book the required plumbing audit inspections with Hunter Water a minimum of 2 business days prior to commencing and completing the water connection work.


  • For sewer connection inspections, please contact NSW Fair Trading to organise this

Disconnecting from Hunter Water

You may disconnect a customer from our services if they have:

  • Have complied with all applicable health, environmental and local council regulatory requirements.
  • Given us information we may reasonably require.
  • Return the water meter (if disconnecting water)
  • Submitted an Application for Services Disconnection and Book inspection dates.
  • Use a licensed plumber.

Water and Sewer disconnections may be inspected by a Hunter Water Compliance Officer. The work must be in accordance with plumbing, drainage or other regulations or standards that may apply.

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