Leakage in Schools Program

A recent study suggests local schools are spending almost half a million dollars on lost water. That equates to more than 70 Olympic sized swimming pools of water going down the drain every year.

To help local schools save money on their water bill, Hunter Water has provided data loggers to 65 local schools which are then connected to their water meter to track water usage in real time via the internet.

This program involves schools' water meters being fitted with an electronic device that measures water usage in real time and relays the information to an electronic portal that can be viewed by teachers, students, administrators and the Water Efficiency team at Hunter Water.

Alerts can be set up through the online portal to be sent to mobile phones and/or email to notify staff if there is a spike in water usage overnight or on weekends, indicating a leak. These leaks are often in underground pipes and can waste many thousands of litres per day, costing schools thousands of dollars in water usage charges.

The portal can also be used in subjects such as maths and geography to teach students how to use a graph and to demonstrate the school's water usage peaks and troughs.

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If you want to get your school involved in the Leakage in Schools Program, email enquiries@hunterwater.com.au.

Smart Metering in Schools

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Hunter Performing School - Leakage Chart 2013

Leak at Hunter School of Performing Arts - September 2013

The data logger picked up a large leak in a burst pipe under the school administration office. With a leakage rate of 20L/minute, the leak was costing the school $77 in extra charges per day. Without the data logger the leak might have gone undetected until the next bill in November, potentially adding $7,000 to the school's water bill.